Additive to transformer oil

Stop theft of transformer oil.

Cases of theft of transformer oil became more frequent last years. The transformer without oil breaks down immediately or after some time. As a result, streets and villages remain without power, electricity consumers and power companies suffer losses.

It is no secret that transformer oil is used as a diesel fuel.

In order to combat the theft of oil began to use a special additive. It makes transformer oil unsuitable for use as a diesel fuel. Transformer oil with additive has the following differences:

  1. It burns more slowly.
  2. The large amount of solid wastes – up to 50 g per liter, formed after the combustion of such transformer oil. The service life of the engine is greatly reduced.
  3. The combustion products have properties that allow the detecting with big distance the furnace or cars, which burns transformer oil.
  4. Additive is easily identified, even at very high dilution.
  5. The additive is unique in its properties, judicial examination uniquely identify its presence or absence in the fuel.

The first laboratory tests were carried out successfully. They confirmed that the additive does not impair the properties of transformer oil. The additive itself and its products of combustion do not adversely impact on the environment. The additive has been certified.

The first time on the transformers, which use this oil, in order to avoid misunderstandings will be posted special information signs. The signs may not be used a few months later to avoid unnecessary costs.

Additive to transformer oil
Text has been updated February 4, 2017 by the author: Vlad
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