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Is someone going to buy a device for stopping electricity meter or make it yourself? Which device is better for stopping electronic meters – impulse, generator, remote control or a magnet? On what is based the principle of operation of appliances for stopping of the meters? Is it possible to detect such devices by distance and how to fight with them at all? Here you can find the answers on these questions. Here you can see the video with the existing devices and indicators, you can more learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different ways to stop the electronic meters. On the page “magnets” you can read about the effectiveness of magnetic indicators. The information from this site will allow further exploring this issue and make the right decision. Site Content will be useful to consumers and suppliers electricity.

What is more important – good health or savings from the electricity bills?

A new “invention” in sphere of applying radio frequency waves – devices that stop working electricity meters. The power of the device may vary from units to tens watt (and more in the impulse). Time of continuous work of the device and radiation people around measured by months.
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Device to stop electricity meters

Strong radio frequency waves influence to everyone around. Human body for more than 50% consists from water, there is up to 80% of water in human brain. Water is a conductor of electric current.
Strong radio waves induce the electric currents in the human body and electrochemical reactions affect all human organs and blood.
Many people heard that it is possible to cook the food on the transmitting antenna of the radio locator. A considerable possibility exists to get terminally ill for those who stay in the area of strong radio frequency waves for a long time.

All known microwave – energy of radio frequency waves is used for cooking food in it. The power of microwave is about 1kilowatt; time of heating the food to the boiling point is about several minutes. Microwave radiations make thermal effect, chemical reactions run faster due to chaotic movement of molecules. Water becomes similar to organic solvent and gets new features under influence of microwave radiation. Water dissolves substances that should not be dissolved in it. That is why food cooked in the microwave oven has been juicy and soft, isn’t it? Designers of the microwave took all possible measures to keep radio waves inside and not to do harm.

The design of devices to stop electricity meters are different to microwave. The most elementary radio antennas and impulse generators are used in the devices, which radiate high-power pulses of radio waves into the environment in all directions. Some people do not pay much attention to the consequences that may appear in future, the money of stolen energy give pleasure to the soul but destroy human’s body. Customers of the devices have been misleading by the fact that radio interferences are already absent for distance in several meters from the device.

They can not exist at the distance – radio receiver works in a different principle.  You can believe that radio interference of the devices to stop electricity meters spreads for hundreds meters.

Americans use special devices to cover smart-meters to reduce miserable radiation of radio frequency waves. Americans take care for their health.
Some of our compatriots are installing wonder-devices that radiate strong radio frequency waves. These people take care for their wallet.

As they say, everyone to his taste.

The principle of working of the device

The principle of working is simple – strong radio frequency waves. They induce voltages in all open conductors. The electricity meter did not damage at once if the power of the device has been configured right. The induced voltages and the electric currents stops electronic electricity meter. Additional power of radio frequency overloads the elements of the scheme, and the electricity meter can damage very soon.

How to fight these wonder-devices?

Providers of the electricity lost their money, users – their health due to applying these devices. The sellers have been in winners if only they don’t test the devices themselves.

What should we do to fight the radiofrequency impacts?
In present time, several ways exist to opposite this evil:
1. Protected electricity meters. These meters – are the masterpieces made by professionals of radio engineering, who apply multi-layer boards, special rules for boards’ layout, provide special filters in the scheme, and apply shielding.
2. Direction finding or Radio monitoring. There are two types of devices that stop meters – they are pulse and frequency generators. Accordingly, there may be two types of direction finders for detecting them.

PR 100 007
Direction finder PR100 – one of the most advanced

Advanced direction finder with the appropriate software can accurately indicate on the map the location in which the generator is located.

Simpler direction finders will only indicate the direction from which the radio signal comes from, and to work with them you need experience because of the reflection of radio waves from buildings.

Frequency generators we can find with scanning receivers from a distance of several kilometers.

However, most existing scanning receivers can detect the modern pulse generators from a distance of no more than 10-15 meters. Therefore, another scanner is need for finding the pulse generators

Engineer, who has tested the direction finder for searching for pulsed generators in real conditions, says: “The direction finder is small in size, it easily fits into a bag, thrown over your shoulder, or it can be hidden under a jacket.  We have worked only two days walking around the streets of the town. During this time 11 pulsed generators were found. Accuracy is high – for 10-20 minutes we can determine a specific apartment in a multi-storey building, from which radiation comes. The pulse generators were found from a great distance.”

Thus, the cheapest and fastest way to solve the problem with pulse generators has been found.

Also we are working on other types of direction finders, and we expect that in the near future we will be able to publish information about the new device.

3. Radio frequency level indicators (including special circuit breaker).

You can see the VIDEO about the devices to stop electronic meters and about indicators of radio wave impacts on the electricity meters.

Radio wave impacts indicators

We have produced the first samples of radio-frequency indicators three years ago.  The pulse generators were being used in large quantities at about the same time. The pulse generators were difficult to detect with the DF. Our first radio wave indicators do not respond to them. We spent two months, and conducted dozens of tests to solve some technical problems. Reliable fixation of all types of effects of radio frequencies and pulse generators has been achieved.In the picture you can see the radio waves impact indicator for installation on the electricity meter outside.

Radio waves impact indicator for installation on the electricity meter

 Indicators not allow unnecessary actuations, for example, during a severe and prolonged thunderstorm. The indicator has become more complex and versatile. We decided that the scheme indicator can perform many functions – the control of magnetic impacts, the control of high-frequency impact. In the spring of 2014 we made two dozen of these indicators. Its price is low, and the circuit design allows us to make them a real guard electricity meters, adding features that you deem necessary.

Its shape is especially adapted for easy installation on the side surface of the meter. To control the impacts do not need to connect it to a power source. The indicator does not react to short-term increase of the level of the electromagnetic field, for example, during a lightning storm, or when a short circuit. But if long-term exposure was by radio wave or pulse generators, it registers the event. This radio wave impacts indicator cannot light the LEDs. Special power supply should be used for reading the information.


Non-contact power supply of indicators

If the non-contact power supply (reader) bring closer to the radio wave impacts indicator, the LED lights up. If the green LED is lit, it means that the impact has not been fixed. Red LED indicates that there were radio-wave exposures, if the yellow LED – magnetic.

RF impact indicators

RF impact Indicators and reader

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Stop electricity meter
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