Remote control

Electricity meters with the remote control panel

Nowadays handymen offer power meters for sale that switches to mode “steal” by using the remote control panel.


Electricity meter with the remote control.

It is hard to distinguish normal electricity meter from the fake made very accurately. Metrological characteristics of the meter stay well in mode “normal”. Even when the professional is looking inside the meter, he can miss the changes because of the sizes of the hidden electronic microassembly.

Let’s look at the meter in a light of the consumer.

The counterfeit electricity meter has the properties:
1. The meter usually comes through the incoming control of the provider of the electricity without any problem.
2. The counterfeit meter pays off quickly.
3. There are no claiming controllers during the check it. The electricity meter can be remotely managed by the CP even in metallic box and follow the commands from tens of the meters.
4. One can spend many of “free” electricity.

Moreover, such are the properties:

1. Lately, some types of the counterfeit electricity meter found out during the incoming control and special attention is paid for its owner .
2. There are many methods to uncover the counterfeit electricity meters, it have been developing and appearing new. Radio control module of a meter always remains inside and is a very significant piece of evidence.
3. When the hidden electronic microassembly will be found, the losses will considerably exceed the earnings.
4. Such a sorrow-customer always has been occurring in an emotional stress, in the end he will have to pay (with percent) for stolen electricity anyway.


Remote control
Text has been updated February 4, 2017 by the author: Vlad