Protected electricity meters

Designers have to do everything to electricity meters are protected against all kinds of influences. Now a lot of that clings to the meters – magnets, radio frequency devices to stop the electricity meter. In addition, fans of unpaid electricity have in their arsenal the devices of influence through cables of high-frequency signals, have the remote controls.

Protected meters – it’s good for electricity metering in the future. And what can we do with the existing counters? Currently, power companies own now millions of electricity meters. Maybe we need to set the indicators? The indicator does not always protect. Also – it’s expensive to install impacts indicators. Meter becomes like a Christmas tree because of the magnetic indicators. Christmas outfit meter does not always guarantee its protection, including the effects of radio frequency.

Significantly reduce progressively theft electricity with help fashionable methods can be another way.

Let’s first look at the video. Left we can see very common in Ukraine electricity meter. Right – the same meter after the upgrade. On the modernization of has been spent 10 cents. The device for stopping the meter was selected the strongest of all available and he transferred to the regime of maximum power.

 Serial meter stops at a distance of about half a meter. Modified counter does not stop at all.

1. Device to stop the electricity meter

It is another video. It shows the effect of the same electricity meters, but under the influence of high frequency voltage. Modified electricity meter coped well with strong impact, and the serial meter was stopped at a much lower impact.

2. Action  RF voltages on the electricity meter

We will not take your time with movie showing the protection of the electricity meter against magnets – there is also all right. Further development is also worth a dime.

As a result it`s necessary to spend 20 cents to solve the security issue about trendy theft of one of the most popular meters.

There are many complaints in the Web forums that modified electricity meter cannot be stopped with special devices. Some users try to put out of action these meters in order to the weak electricity meters were installed for them. So, if the meter has failed, it is necessary to change it by more protected and reliable electricity meter.

Energy companies owning many of the same counters can perform this upgrade during a routine calibration of meters, and if desired, and the availability of funds – to carry out an unscheduled verification and modernization of electricity meters. So it`s possibly to solve the problem with «miracle-devices» and magnets more effectively. Besides, all remotely operated electricity meters will be identified.


Text has been updated February 4, 2017 by the author: Vlad