Electric currents finder

Description. The device is designed to search for tracks flow AC 50Hz or 60Hz value of more than 0.5A. It can be used to determine an earth leakage in distribution networks, finding tracks from the voltage source to the load (e.g., opening machine to a specific socket or lamp), identify locations with a high electromagnetic field of industrial frequency.

Current finder

Fig.1. Electric currents finder

Operating principle. There is a magnetic field around the conductor with electrical current.

The glow of the magnetic field
Fig.2.The “glow” of the magnetic field

If two conductors are arranged side by side, and currents in them are flowing in the mutually opposite directions, the magnetic field created by these conductors at some distance from them is practically absent. Also this field is absent around conductors when the vector sum of multiphase systems currents in the conductors is zero. Consequently, the group of wires with the earth leakage currents can be detected with magnetic fields around them.

Detection of an earth leakage. Large leakage currents (over ten amperes) is possible to define at a distance of two meters, the small currents (0.5 A) can be find from distance is few centimeters

Magnetic field around the wire

Fig.3. Magnetic field around the wire

Sensor brings to the possible zone of passage of the cable or wire and check for the presence of a magnetic field. If the magnetic field is detected, it is necessary to move along the track oppositely to a voltage source.

Finding the wiring. We need to create an additional circuit for an electric current through an external load. For example, the lamp we connect with one wire into the socket to the phase and the other wire connects to “ground” near the circuit breaker.

The lamp in the flat

Fig.4. Creating of an additional circuit

The magnetic field appears around the current-carrying wires. Now we can find the wire with the help of this device.

Zones with high levels of the alternating magnetic field. Prolonged exposure to alternating magnetic fields may have a negative effect for health. The device will help you find zones of such fields in your home.

Electric currents finder
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