How to find leakage currents

  1. First you need to determine whether there is leakage in this apartment. If the “Ground” LED lit in the electricity meter, then the leakage to the ground almost certainly occurs in the apartment. It is necessary to disconnect electrical devices one by one from electrical outlet. “Ground” will disappear after disconnecting appliances that provide leak. Sometimes “Ground” lit on the meter when the power supply units are faulty (e.g. low-cost energy-saving lamps or other electronic equipment), although there is no leakage to the ground.
  2. If the meter’s “Ground” LED is not lit, you may check the voltage between the pipe with which the electricity impact was, and housings electrical appliances, such as washing machines, also gas pipes, metal sewer pipe or metal bath. The measurements should be carried with multimeter that has high input impedance – it is desirable that the input impedance of the meter was more than 10 megohms at AC measurements. Voltage on the pipe may be small, 15V, and may be 230V. If the voltage on the pipe is about zero, you can try to turn on electrical appliances, such as electric water heater, dishwasher and washing machine, etc. Carefully inspect all around to determine what might be a source of danger. If the voltage on the tipe was not found, then it is likely that the source of the leak is not in the apartment and this moment there is no leakage.
  3. If the voltage on the water pipe does not disappear after disconnecting all electrical appliances, and the voltage remains even after the circuit breaker of the apartment was turn off, then the source of the leak is not in this apartment. You can use a special device. The device may help you to find the wire with leaked current. You can search for leaks even through a layer of plaster or through the walls. Finding becomes quick, simple and straightforward.
  4. If bad device was been found, it is necessary to check the resistance of its isolation.
  5. Also check the performance of electrical grounding and potential equalization system in the apartment. All discrepancies must be eliminated. Just remember that you must mount grounding without voltage on any conductors.

Page about the special device also describes modern methods searching of the  leakage current.

How to find leakage currents
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