Electricity saving box

Let’s look at the energy saving device, for example electricity saving box, which is simply plugged into a socket and it “saves up to 15-45% of electricity”.  We will look at a few websites with the characteristics of the devices.

saving box.

Electricity saving box

 In general, the truth is written on these websites, however it is necessary to have ability to read correctly what is written, not what we would want to read. It is necessary to read about electricity saving box as a lawyer.

 So let’s begin. We will take into quotes the advertisement text of the electricity saving box and we will comment on it.

  First, let’s consider the technical characteristics.

  “Saving of electricity power up to 15 – 45%” – zero is also included in the stated range;

 “Protects electronics and electrical devices from impulse power surges, thus prolongs their service lives” – yes, to certain extent the capacitor could decrease the voltage pulse.

 “Is able to economize electricity due the improvements and normalization of the electrical current structure” is able to economize – does not oblige it to do as written by these some listed words, – may economize or not economize;

 “Elimination of voltage surges” – it has been listed once already;

 “Improves the power factor” – that is true;

 “Implements filtration of electricity” – That has been mentioned twice in the advertisement already.

 “Easy to use” – That is true.

“In order for you to start economizing electricity, you need to plug  the Electricity  Saving box  into the socket ” – to start saving electricity power it is possible to do so with any other ritual, for example by clapping hands, for this it is not necessary to buy electricity saving box. But after this it is important not to forget to swap incandescent bulbs for more power saving ones and not to forget to turn off electrical appliances that are not used at that moment.

  After analysis of the advertising text, we come to a conclusion – for few times, but using different wording, they offered us to buy a device for a reduction in short pulses of voltage and a small increase in power factor. This device is not obliged to (and can not) save energy.

 By purchasing the cherished device and opening case of the device, we can see that – there is a capacitor into the device, and a few details for eyewash. Closing the case and plugging the device into the socket, we can courageously go to the store to purchase energy-saving bulbs – we can “start saving energy.”

Electricity saving box
Text has been updated February 4, 2017 by the author: Vlad
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