An electric shock when you are washing hands

The flow of electrical current when washing
Fig.1. The flow of electrical current when washing

First of all, you need to remove your hands from the dangerous washbasin. Later it will be possible to stop the water while standing on a dry rubber mat with something dry dialectical (plastic for example). Another hand is not necessary hold anything, to prevent the possibility of an electric current to pass through the body.
Current flows from one point, for example a water pipe, to another point, such as tiled floors or metal bath, through the water and human body. We were not created to be a conductor in electric networks, and is not always a living organism survive the current flow without any consequences
So, we need to stop using these washstands, and we need to warn others about the danger.

Electrical Work belongs to the category dangerous. It is necessary to use the services of an electrician, who is licensed to work with voltage. He will find poor insulation, through which the leakage current flows. He also will do all necessary groundings.

Sometimes we are asked – «May anyone feel the light electric shocks from the pipe, if in his apartment the appliances are OK?” The answer is – yes. Potential can be entered through the pipes to your apartment, if there is a leaked current throw bad insulations of appliance to the plumbing in neighboring apartments

In addition, unfortunately, some people are still using pipelines as grounding, including to steal electricity. One day we walked with the leak currents finder. We found three houses, in which gas pipes were used as grounding. Through gas pipe was flowed about ten amperes.

Schemes of the leakage currents and plan of finding leakage currents and the special device will be useful for the professional electricians

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An electric shock when you are washing hands
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