The indicators of magnetic impacts.

The principle of the indicator based on the properties of magnetic material “remember” the greatest magnetic field, which previously was from of any direction. If the effect was stronger, the stronger magnetized material. Special cheap sensors with the specified level of sensitivity used to detect whether the indicator was magnetized.

You can produce indicators of different sizes and different shapes. Each particle indicator if it breaks in pieces is competent.

“Memory” material is very solid, has a working temperature range from minus 50 to 350 degrees, can withstand most chemically active substances and water, vibration and extreme temperature changes, and it is insulator. It is necessary to choose the right “memory” material – the sensitivity of the indicator depends from it. When material is properly selected and the indicator mounted on the counter, then demagnetization impossible.

Price of the indicator is determined by the design. In the simplest indicators it is about 5 cents. Indicator may be numbered, logo. The indicators did not change its properties over the years.

The remote sensor is small. Its cost is about $ 10. One remote sensor can serve several thousand indicators.

Indicators have been successfully tested and installed on thousands of meters. We are ready to refer you these technologies. You can see VIDEO about the indicators. These indicators were developed five years ago.

More advanced, highly sensitive magnetic indicators were tested six months ago. They are characterized in that their sensitivity can be set at design time, and it is approximately the same in either direction. We are also willing to share with the construction of these indicators. We believe such design is perspective for gas meters, but for the application the additional testing will be required.

Text has been updated February 4, 2017 by the author: Vlad