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Experienced electrical engineers give advices on various non-standard situations

Electric shock from water and schemes of leakage currents

Why does somebody feel the light electric shocks when touching the faucet combination? Let’s look at a scheme of electrical insulation bathroom equipment of old construction houses. Fig.1. Scheme of electrical insulation without PE wire in the bathroom Each appliance

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How to find leakage currents

First you need to determine whether there is leakage in this apartment. If the “Ground” LED lit in the electricity meter, then the leakage to the ground almost certainly occurs in the apartment. It is necessary to disconnect electrical devices

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An electric shock when you are washing hands

Fig.1. The flow of electrical current when washing First of all, you need to remove your hands from the dangerous washbasin. Later it will be possible to stop the water while standing on a dry rubber mat with something dry

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