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Electric shock from water and schemes of leakage currents

Why does somebody feel the light electric shocks when touching the faucet combination? Let’s look at a scheme of electrical insulation bathroom equipment of old construction houses. Fig.1. Scheme of electrical insulation without PE wire in the bathroom Each appliance

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How to find leakage currents

First you need to determine whether there is leakage in this apartment. If the “Ground” LED lit in the electricity meter, then the leakage to the ground almost certainly occurs in the apartment. It is necessary to disconnect electrical devices

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An electric shock when you are washing hands

Fig.1. The flow of electrical current when washing First of all, you need to remove your hands from the dangerous washbasin. Later it will be possible to stop the water while standing on a dry rubber mat with something dry

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I’m looking for a freelance job

I’m interested in working on non-standard tasks. Perhaps the problem is solved easier than it seems. Please contact me.

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Electricity saving box

Let’s look at the energy saving device, for example electricity saving box, which is simply plugged into a socket and it “saves up to 15-45% of electricity”.  We will look at a few websites with the characteristics of the devices.

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Reactive energy on a grand scale

Sometimes the active power sharply reduced after the reactive power compensation. Electricity bills of small factories become lower by tens of percent. As you know, it is impossible to convert the reactive energy into active energy. How some users do

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About reactive energy

The “transformation of reactive energy to active energy using special devices” is often discussed on the pages of the Internet. Someone said “The idea to convert free or very cheap reactive energy into useful and very expensive active energy is

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Additive to transformer oil

Stop theft of transformer oil. Cases of theft of transformer oil became more frequent last years. The transformer without oil breaks down immediately or after some time. As a result, streets and villages remain without power, electricity consumers and power

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